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Van Life

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

You’ve seen the hype around Van Life.

You’ve seen the stunning photos on social media. Now you want to throw everything to the wind, quit your job, and live a carefree life of traveling in a van.

In addition with lockdowns and remote work/learning, there has been no better time to make Van Life a reality

In episode #23 of LOF pod this week Shane Wright and Delaney Puhek share their summer 2020 story with their van, @el_bussalito.

Learn how they built out their van. All the ups, downs, finances, construction, engineering, and more that went into it!

Listen to the adventures they experienced traveling the whole west coast including 7 national parks and their engagement! <3

Adventure seekers everywhere. Learn, laugh, and love from this episode!

Go listen to the POD if you want to hear all the ins and outs from first person story telling of building out a van. go to their IG to see photos, videos, and more to understand what is needed!

No need to post more here. let the audio and visuals take you away!

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