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Why I Want to Share Your Story

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

How and why I came up with the idea of Leap Of Fate Podcast and Website

I am not famous and I don't know really anyone super famous. 99% of people out there are the same boat.

We all see successful and famous people in the media and wonder how did they make that happen? How do I get afforded the same opportunities? What does it take to get where they are today?

Leap of Fate dives deep into conversations with every day people who weren’t handed anything. Each person took the 'Leap of Fate' and risked it all to chase their dreams. These are their stories about the daily grind, failures, and sacrifices made to achieve their goals to be successful.

Some may be a name you recognize. Other's you may go who is that? It doesn't matter who or where they came from. What matters is the journey they took to be successful and how it can help inspire you to follow your goals to do the same.

It could be:

  • Starting a company

  • Becoming a social media star

  • Sports or music star

  • Building something out of nothing

  • Finding love when it looked impossible

  • More

We all have stories to share and this is my opportunity to share. I am invested in the journey to accomplish the goals more then the actual goal. What did it take and the sacrifices needed to make that happen? I want to hear your story of how it happened and let that inspire others.

Come one, come all. Listen! Speak up, let's dive deep into their stories and yours!

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