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Mind over Matter: I Can vs I Can't

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

The negative mindset in your head will limit yourself. You will never push yourself to succeed if you succumb to the "I can't do it"

I have said so many times to myself I can't do it due to limitations out of my control

  • I am tone death and have no rhythm so I will never be able to perform on stage

  • I am 5'8 so girls will never like me as I am to short

  • I am not fast and strong enough to be a sports start (which is my dream)

However, what I know I can control is my work ethic and dedication to my craft. I have had to work daily to ensure I overcome the "I can't" and change it to "I can" make it happen. Take this podcast for example. I have 0 experience in blogging and podcasting. I set myself mini goals to make it happen

  • Step 1: Read books and watch "how to podcast for beginners" videos

  • Step 2: Buy the equipment (mics and website) to force myself to continue forward so I didn't waste money

  • Step 3: Hone the craft by setting goals to get better at a new aspect of podcasting daily

Through setting these goals, I engaged myself in bite size steps that I could achieve daily. Slowly but surely, I was able to move forward through each step to get to this project going.

Through the process, I dealt with the haters who said it was dumb or not worth my time. I continued to press forward as I knew this is what I wanted to do. If we let the negative comments run our life, we would never continue to achieve success and move forward as individuals and society.

I believe in you. You can make it happen. Believe in yourself. If it is achieving a weight loss, relationship, business goal, sports venture, travel goal. Whatever it is, you will be able to succeed. Mind over Matter

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