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Mental Health Awareness

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

May is mental health awareness month. This month's awareness is more critical then ever with our unique situation going on. We all have never been confined to quarantine like this ever before.

People always speak of making sure you work out and take care of your physical fitness, but it is just as important, if not more, to take care of your mental fitness.

I preach mental health to my global team of 25+ people . If they need to take some time to themselves, I encourage it. Half day, full day, take the time to yourself to mentally recharge. We all need it to contiune to be as productive as possible in business and overall life.


How can you stay mentally fit?

  1. Practice mindfulness and meditation

  2. Taking dedicated breaks in your day

  3. Eating healthy and having your 3 daily meals

  4. It is okay to speak up about your mental health

Practice mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness app is a great app that overs self guided exercises. Varying from different times (1 min, 5 min, 15 min, etc), it is great for all ages and degrees of practice.

Mindfulness and meditation will allow you to center and focus on your breathing and mind. It allows you to block all other factors in your life out for a dedicated time so you can just focus on yourself. After your session, you will feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to tackle the challenges at hand!

Taking dedicated breaks in your day

If you are like me, you roll out of bed and straight to your desk and start working. I am working nonstop until the day is over. Because my desk and computer are in the same room, I have no travel time or time between meetings.

I have built in "break times" on my calendar so I step away from my computer. It helps my eyes from looking at a screen all day. It helps my legs and back stay loose and not tighten up from sitting at a desk all day. It helps my mind take a break and come back to my desk renewed for the next meeting.

Dedicated breaks in your day will help you stay sharpe!

Eating healthy and having your 3 daily meals

This seems simple enough, but it is oh so hard. When your work meetings run b2b2b, you just missed your lunch. When do you stop work if you aren't traveling between work and home? I have found myself doing 11+ hour days and telling my family I will eat dinner later on my own time when I am finished with work.

Now I schedule lunch time into my calendar (goes with the point above). I ensure that my meals are all healthy. With the lack of movement, eating unhealthy food or junk food will only increase your sluggish feelings. It will help your mental and physical capabilities perform at peak performance.

So many of my friends have said they have lost 10-20 pounds in quarantine because they are eating healthier. Not going out and drinking alcohol weekly, not going to fast food weekly,. Cooking their 3 meals a day at home and making it healthy meals. They love the effect it has had on their mind and body!

If this peaks your interest, I am happy to go deeper into what a meal schedule looks like!

It is okay to speak up about your mental health

We are in a society today that understands mental health more then ever. It is still a "wild wild west" of unknown, but you see it spoken about more in main stream media.

  1. Kevin love: NBA champion with the Cavilers

  2. Pete Davidson: SNL Comedian

  1. Prince Harry of England

  2. Miley Cirus: Music Star

4 names you may recognize. All 4 have openly spoken about their struggles with mental health for a variety of reasons. We have this idea that people famous don't encounter the same issues we do. They are normal people like us and face the same challenges.

It is okay for you to speak up on your mental health. There are so many resources for you to speak to or learn how you can look to better yourself. Make yourself available to your family and friends and vice versa.

Speak up and let people know how you feel. You will feel better speaking on your state and others will be willing to help and provide guidance. It is important to keep yourself not just physically healthy, mentally healthy as wise.


Altogether, it is extremely important for you to take care of yourself, mentally and physically. These are only 4 tips that will help you. There are more out there. Remember you are important and you need to take care of yourself.


Stay safe and healthy!

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