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How To Start a Podcast in 2021

Want an easy to follow video for learning how to start a podcast in 2021? This is the right video for you! This step by step video is a how to podcast guide in 2021. I cover everything you need to know ranging from equipment, software, social media, and different recording techniques to make your show successful! I share photos, videos, diagrams, tutorials, and examples of everything you need to know to start!

My goal is to just enable your success! No affiliation. No sponsorships. I did my own research, chose what I thought was best, and then started everything on my own. The goal of my channel is to share and enable success so that's what I am trying to do! If you have any questions, comments, or want other ideas, let me know!

I cover 5 key areas for you:

0:00 - Intro

00:37 1. What is Your Subject and Mission Statement

3:19 2. Recording the Podcast

7:35 3. Editing the Podcast

13:50 4. Releasing the pod: Podcast hosting and Social Media

18:50 5. Have Fun!

20:07 6. Recap

1. Intro

A quick intro into why I created the video. I started my own podcast at the start of quarantine. People consistently ask me how do they start a podcast. I wanted to share by creating a full video anyone can use. Don't need to go to other videos. No clickbait, just sharing what I have learned in my 8+ months! 1. What is Your Subject and Mission Statement Mission statement, niche, why, relevant? Key prework for you to figure out to ensure a successful launch and reoccurring themes for the podcast! This will help you know your target audience

2. Recording the podcast: How often will you release a podcast? Are you recording virtual or live? What programs to use for recording? Guest or cohost? Consistency is key! We will dive deep into each question to ensure you understand all the tools, websites, and functionality you need to record?

3. Editing the podcast: What editing program are you going to use? Will you outsource it? If so, what sites can you use to hire someone? Will you add intro/outro music and/or ads/transition music? Why would you do this? What to edit out? (uhs, ums, stutters, etc) Overall editing tips! I use Garageband so I go over it! I'll have a full-length Garageband video coming out soon!

4. Releasing the Pod: Podcast hosting and Social Media What sites can you use to host your podcast? How will these sites push them out to all streaming sites? I give a brief Buzzsprout overview (what i use). How to utilize social media to gain an audience? I share my website, why SEO (search engine optimization is key), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and more. All the tips you need to know! I'll have a full-length Buzzsprout video coming out soon!

5. Have fun! I feel like people always forget this. It's going to take some learnings and long hours. But if you are enjoying it, then its all good :)

6. Recapping all of it together!



Full pod and content info:

Please support on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/leapoffate​

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Leap of Fate is engaging weekly interviews on challenges and successes in today's culture & society. The Channel has 'talking head videos, sound clips, how-to videos, and more to ensure you have all the keys to be successful in: ​

1. Overcoming personal troubles and insecurities

2. Entrepreneurship and career progression

3. Relationships

4. Mental/physical wellness

5. Finances (buying property, stocks, future planning)

6. Stigmas & Injustices

7. Different Segments of Business (sales, marketing, customer success, etc)

8. More!

There are going to be laughs, intellectual conversations, and tough subjects approached head-on. All with the goal of sharing the knowledge to inspire you! Please subscribe to the Youtube channel for personal "how-to" help videos and other cool vlogs!

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