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Having Tough and Uncomfortable Conversations are Needed

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

What has occurred over the past weekend is a culmination of a breaking point. We need to have tough and uncomfortable conversations. If you can't openly speak on tough subjects, then there will never be change. It is needed to openly talk about grievances, injustices, and pitfalls. This will lead to progress and change. If we are silent, then we are just as guilty.

Below are my thoughts, but action YOU can do, this is a powerful site sharing 75 things YOU can do:


There have been warranted protest in response to George Floyd’s death in MN. RIP George. I have so many people in my life of different ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and more that I want to use my platform here to speak. Since my podcast is around today’s society and culture, I would be remiss to not take a moment to speak on this.

For us living in democratic nations, the ability to protest for change is our right as citizens. What happed to George Floyd was not okay on any level and those involved deserve to be punished. I have had many open conversations over the years with my black friends of their injustices . As a white person, I cannot say I have encountered the same, but I have been there with them and see it happen myself. This hurts me that we can’t all coexist as one humanity. These feelings, combusted with the economic issues of covid 19 boiled over this week.

However, what is not okay are the minority individuals who have hijacked the peaceful protest to create severe riots and looting. These riots and looting are happening nation wide on a scale we haven’t seen in generations.

They are targeting upscale national businesses such as apple to small businesses. For all these businesses, especially small businesses, they have already been severely impacted economically from the coronavirus.

Now with the looting, defacing of property, destruction of buildings, and more, many of these businesses may never come back again now. This is ruining their American dream and distorting the message of the majority of peaceful protesters fighting for systemic change.

What gives me hope this morning is watching the news speak to individuals who are helping the clean up. Random people from all walks helping clean up the streets nationwide from the damage that was caused by the minority. This is the good in the society we know and gives us belief in a better tomorrow.

Right now the situation is tense and raw, but we will overcome this and enact change for the better. Please use the platform you have in your life to help fight and enact change.

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