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Happy Father's Day

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there! Through all the ups and downs, dads are there to help guide their children!

Especially in today's unique world of the pandemic, it is even more important to give thanks to not just the dads, the moms too. Their generation is at the most risk and we need to ensure we are doing our part of keeping the general society safe and healthy! They raised us to ensure we grew up healthy and it is the least we can do to repay them!

It is important to give gratitude. Hopefully your father or father figure is around. If not, remember the good times and use the internal memories to guide yourself to follow in those footsteps and be better!

To our interview this week, Joshua Saleh, he experiences many challenges being a single father. However, he doesn't let this detour him and his loving every moment of fatherhood.

Go listen to it (front page) and hear how he is dealing:

  • Finding changing stations in men's bathrooms

  • Working remotely with his daughter interrupting the calls (positives and negatives)

  • Working around not the best relationship with his daughter's mom

  • What fatherhood has taught him

  • What he looks forward to

His enthusiasm and love exudes off of him for all to see. Look at the picture of Josh with his daughter. How beautiful they are together and how much fun they have!

I wish you the same love they have!

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