• Randy Silver

Family Comes First

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

The one thing you can't change is your genetics. This is why is your immediate family: mom, dad, brothers, sister, your extended family of grandparents, uncles and cousins will always be tied to you. If you marry someone, become adopted, or other avenues, you can grow a family this way as well

Through thick and thin, your family should be there for you. Each family has ups and downs. The good thing is your family will have your back throughout the good and the bad.

If you and your family move to a new country together, then you are all you have. All your family is in a different country. The only time you may get to see them is during holidays. Which make those memories that much better. Rejoicing, having fun. Great to be back!

But what if a pandemic hits and you can't travel? You can't go visit your extended family in a different country. You can't even go home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, other holidays. So now you are alone celebrating the holiday.

This empty feeling sucks. You can WebEx, Zoom, etc. But it's not the same. This makes you realize how much you love your family and all that it provides.

This tidbit is just one part of what is going to happen in life. Eventually your family won't be here. And you'll look back and cherish the moments you had them. Or you will rue the moments you could have had but you didn't take advantage of.

Appreciate the small things in life. Show everyone love, especially your family. Blood is thicker then water :)

From my family to yours, have a great holiday period :D

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