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Chasing Your Dreams: 1 Day at a Time

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Laying the building blocks one day at a time to give yourself mini goals to accomplish the overall goal

We all have the voice inside our head that says we can't do it. This is to scary. I am not ready for this.

How do we overcome this? It takes incremental steps. That "million dollar idea" didn't become a million dollars in the bank account over night. Putting the building blocks into place to work up to the million dollars is essential. All serial entrepreneurs, athletes, and successful people talk about the long journey it took to get to where they are today.

“Everyone wants to be successful, rich and famous. But few people want to put the work in day over day that it takes to become successful.”

Starting with step 1 will build you to step 2 and so on. By reading books, listening to podcast, and more, you will receive wisdom from those who have traveled down your road. It doesn't need to be all on your shoulders. But it does take vulnerability to understand it won't all be roses. There will be a lot of rough and tough days on the journey. But when you achieve the goal and success, the taste of victory will feel all that sweeter :)

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