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Career Progression- Making Your Dreams a Reality

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

By popular ask from Leap of Fate fans, LOF focuses this week on career development. Go listen to the episode 18 from the podcast!!

Career development is the process of choosing a career, improving your skills, and advancing along a career path. It's a lifelong process of learning and decision-making that brings you closer to your ideal job, skillset, and lifestyle.

In this week's episode, I dive solo into how to stand out and optimize your career growth!

Why solo? I have managed multiple global sales team for Cisco for years now. The people I manage are located on 3 continents. I have moved up the career ladder at Cisco to get to where I am at today. 

In this process, I have reviewed 100s of resumes and LinkedIn profiles in my career. I have interviewed, hired, and promoted dozens of people. I have worked with all areas of business and know what people are looking for.

I want to share my experiences with you as a hiring manager to let you know what we are looking for!

I share

  1. how to optimize your resume

  2. how to optimize your LinkedIn

  3. Tips and best practices to stand out in an interview

  4. how to set yourself up for a promotion and/or ask for career growth

  5. What key traits hiring managers and recruiters are looking for

This episode will lay out all that you need to know to make your dreams a reality :)

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